Beware of Phone Scammers

BREAKING NEWS:SCAM ALERT: Please beware of ‘Ameran’ Utility Scammers!

Residents, and Business Owners in particular, please be aware of potential phone scammers this Holiday Season. 
AARP Warns of Utility Company Scams
Keeping up with utility bills can be difficult, especially in times of extreme weather.
The American Association of Retired Persons is warning that scammers are taking advantage of utility customers.
The scam occurs most often in the winter and during peak air-conditioning season. Scammers will contact customers and tell them their utility account is overdue.  They then say that the utilities will be shut off unless the customer pays by credit or prepaid green dot debit card immediately. This scam has been happening for years. However, in recent months, the callers are demanding payment for several past months, even if the account is up to date.
These callers are convincing, even using “spoofing software” so that the customer’s caller ID reflects the number of their local utility. While it may seem legitimate, don’t be fooled. Your utility company will have sent at least one, and usually several, overdue notices before your service is cancelled. If you get a cancellation notice by telephone, hang up on that caller and contact the utility directly at the phone number listed on your bill.