Court Outcomes

NSI is working closely with  a Court Advocate to provide the CWE with updates regarding court hearings and outcomes. To receive an update as soon as the report is published to our website, please join our email list, view the calender on the homepage, or “like” Central West End Security Initiative on Facebook.

Cornell McKay Court Outcome; March 20, 2014

Boken Case Updates and Outcomes; November 25, 2013

Eddie Brown Court Outcome; November 2, 2013

Marikay Roberts Court Outcome; October 10, 2013

Laron Eason and Deante Harris Robberies Court Outcome; October 10, 2013
Tangy Jenkins Court Outcome; September 6, 2013
Kenneth Butler Court Outcome; August 30, 2013
Norris Chalmers Court Outcome; June 27, 2013
Robbery in CWE Results in Jail Time for Muhammed Watson; March 15, 2013
“Knock-out Game” Attack ends in Jail Time for Townsend; May 4, 2013
Gooseby Charged with Armed Criminal Action in CWE; April 11, 2013