Bicycle Safety and Registration

Preventing Bike Theft

Bicycling is a very popular activity in the Central West End area. Whether you are a bike commuter or an avid cyclist, having your prized bicycle stolen can be tragic. The Central West End Neighborhood Security Initiative is here to remind residents how to avoid bicycle theft, how to register your bike with the NSI, and what to do if a bike is lost or stolen.

Lock your bike!  

…and lock it properly. Cable locks are easily snipped, so they are best used as secondary locks. Chain locks work well, but can be heavy and may be uncomfortable to carry while riding.  The most efficient way to lock a bike is by using a U-Lock. These can be purchased at bike shops in the area including Mike’s Bikes, and Big Shark Bicycle Company. The image below shows how to properly use a U-Lock.

Secure Parking Options

Residential garages

Unfortunately, many bikes are stolen from a residential garages. To reduce attracting attention, keep the bikes as far out of sight from the street as possible. If your garage has an automatic opener, consult the instructions to set a timer to automatically close after a set period of time. Inside the garage, keep the bike locked to a bike rack, pipe, or other stationary object. Another option is to install a motion sensing light or alarm to draw attention to the garage should someone break in.

Parking in the Central West End

With many bike racks across the city, there will hopefully be an easy, visible place to lock your bike wherever you go. The Central West End has many bike racks located all around the area. Utilize these racks as much as possible! But, if there is not a bike rack, you can always lock to a parking meter or a street sign. 


Register your bicycle with the NSI!

Many lost or stolen bicycles that are recovered by the Police Department cannot be returned to their owner because the serial number is not recorded or the bike is not registered.   If registered, the officer can identify the owner of the bicycle by the recorded serial number and description. If your bicycle is stolen, report the theft to the Police Department. Let them know that you have registered your bicycle with the Central West End Neighborhood Security Initiative.