Street Robbery Prevention


Take Responsibility for Your Personal Safety

• Stay in well-lit areas.

• Walk near the curb — away from shrubbery and places where someone could be hiding.

• Walk against traffic, so that cars cannot surprise you from behind.

• Keep an arm’s length away from strangers.

• If you think someone suspicious is approaching or following you, cross to the other side of the street and head for the nearest public place. Trust your Intuition!

• Avoid illegal behaviors, such as buying or using narcotics, which increase the likelihood of being targeted for robbery.


Don’t Make It Obvious That You’re in Unfamiliar Territory

• Giving the appearance of not paying attention and not being alert is what suspects look for in a victim. (Not surprisingly, many victims are robbed while talking on their cell phones).

• Stay sober enough to take care of yourself. Criminals view impaired persons as easy prey.

• Walk briskly and with confidence.


At Night, Avoid Public Parks, Vacant Lots, Alleys and Areas with Excessive Trees and Bushes

• Know which stores and other public places are open along your route.

• Don’t hesitate to run back to where you came from to get help.

• Look for anyone “hanging around” your car or your path to your car.

• Have your keys in your hand and be ready to open the car door.

• Keeping cash in a separate money clip or pouch will allow you to hand it over without sacrificing your credit cards, identification, and personal papers.

• RELEASE THE PURSE! Do not risk personal injury.

• Obey the robber’s instructions.

• Make a mental note of the robber’s appearance, i.e., height, weight, hair

color/style, clothing, etc.

• If possible, take down the vehicle license plate number, a description of the vehicle, and the direction the robber is fleeing.

• Call 9-1-1 immediately!

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