Previous Events and Discussions

January 29, 2014: Public Security Meeting

This meeting consisted of NSI updates including officer and volunteer recognition, a crime update, tips on current scams, and guest speakers Major Ronnie Robinson and Captain John Haydan of our Fifth District.


Officer Recognition: Sgt. Jim Sanders and PO Dwaine Wallace were recognized for apprehending a criminal who was committing armed robberies in the Central West End.  These two officers were very brave and we appreciate their service to our community.  They were each given certificates and Central West End “bucks” to use. 


Guest Speaker: Major Ronnie Robinson is now the major for our Fifth District.  The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has redistricted and has moved from 9 districts to 6.  Major Robinson discussed his history which consists of 25 years of police work including an FBI task force tracking illegal narcotics, being promoted to Sergeant, and being the supervisor of an intelligence gang unit.  He is a community man and discussed how he has always lived in St. Louis City and works hard to make his community a better place to live.  He said that he tries to make a difference everywhere he goes and that he believes that the Central West End is a jewel and he intends to keep it that way.  He also said that the Central West End is a blossoming community and he hopes this spreads to the rest of the Fifth District. He talked about how important professionalism is to him and that his police officers will be professional and they are here to serve the community.  If you need to contact Major Robinson his office number is (314) 444-0036.


Guest Speaker: Captain John Hayden is now the captain for our Fifth District.  Captain Hayden has 26 years of police work under his belt.  He pointed out the fact that he lives on the 4600 block of Westminster so he is a part of the Central West End community and what affects the community also affects him personally.  He explained the district change, which doubled the man power and square mileage and now there are 11 detectives for this district.  He believes that with the new district they will be able to use more hot spot policing where officers are on directed patrol in areas where crime patterns are emerging. He said that he always gives 110% and doesn’t stop.  Total crime dropped 10% in district 8 when he was the commander there, and he said that he would like to see the same drop in the Fifth District.


Crime Update: Two armed robberies occurred on Saturday, January 18th at 7pm and 7:30pm.  This happened near Maryland and Taylor.  There was video and partial plate of a suspect vehicle.  TCF, NSI and SLMPD detectives identified the vehicle involved and James M. Scott was arrested on Tuesday, January 21st.

Watch Out for These Scams:

  • Utility scam
  • Pigeon drop
  • “You won money”
  • Grandparent scam
  • Craigslist

Please click Public Forum January 2014 to view the power point from the meeting to get more information on each of these scams.

October 30, 2013: Public Security Meeting

This meeting consisted of NSI updates including officer and volunteer recognition, court updates, and guest speakers Honorable Judge Edward Sweeney of the 22nd Circuit, and Captain Steven Mueller. 

Court Updates: On May 16th, 2011, Eddie Brown robbed a female getting into her vehicle in the Central West End.   Eddie Brown ran up to the defenseless victim, grabbed the front driver`s side door as she attempted to close her door. Eddie Brown punched the victim on the side of her face, grabbed her purse, then entered his vehicle and fled the scene.  The police located Eddie Brown shortly after the incident.  He was positively identified by the victim, placed under arrest and charged with Robbery 2nd Degree and Resisting Arrest.  Eddie Brown was found guilty on August 13th, 2013.

Guest Speaker Honorable Judge Edward Sweeney of the 22nd Circuit addressed questions and concerns of the audience, focusing particularly on answering general questions on specific Central West End cases. He also spoke about the positive impact that Central West End residents have by sending Neighborhood Impact Statements and appearing at court hearings.

Redistricting Proposal, Presented by 9th District Commander Steven Muellercurrent districting map




proposed map

In closing, Please “like” the Central West End Neighborhood Security Initiative on Facebook for the most current updates and happenings in the CWE. Our next meeting will be January 29, 5:45 at the Schlafly Library. Thank you to everyone who joined us at this month’s meeting.

August 28, 2013: Public Security Meeting

This meeting consisted of NSI updates including officer and volunteer recognition, court updates, online bike registration instructions, and guest speaker Captain Steven Mueller. 

Crime Updates: Central West End is down in terms of robberies since this time last year, car break-ins are up, but this can contribute to one man who performed a rash of break-ins but is now in police custody. We are reminding visitors, residents, hotel management, and apartment tenants to “Park Smart” by not leaving anything of value in your vehicle!

Court Updates: Neighborhood involvement is very important! Writing neighborhood impact statements is a great way to get involved. Click here to learn how to write an impact statement.

Pending Cases: Click on the names for background on the cases

Laron Eason and Deante Harris: On 11/17/11 Both Eason and Harris committed multiple armed robberies, several in CWE.  Sentencing is on 08/30/13. 

Kenneth Butler: On November 06, 2011, two Washington University students were robbed at gun point at 4300 West Pine around 11pm.  Butler was charged with Robbery 1st (3 counts), Armed Criminal Action (3 counts), Fraudulent Use of a Credit Device and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm. Sentencing on 08/30/13.

Jenkins: On 09/14/12, Officers arrested Jenkins at 419 N. Euclid for Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Possession of Marijuana, multiple warrants and a Burglary charge from Edmonson PD. Sentencing is September 6th  at 9am.

Marikay Roberts Update: Roberts was arrested in September 2012 for felony theft from I-ROC Eyewear.  At the time she was on probation in St. Louis City and County Circuits.  Roberts is a 30 year career criminal, more than 20 felony convictions. She was sentenced in February, by Judge Edward Sweeney, to 14 years, 7 for violating probation and 7 years for theft.   After 120 days Judge Sweeney reduced the sentence to probation.

Romel Tanter: Tanter was sentenced to 3 years of probation, SIS, by Judge Edward Sweeney for two separate purse snatching incidents along Taylor.  Both victims were female.  One incident they came back and stole her car the next day. 

Norris Chalmers: Judge Joan Moriarity sentenced Norris Chalmers to 7 years in prison for burglary and stealing of the car during the incident, 4300 West Pine. 

Guest Speaker Captain Steven Mueller, Commander, District 9: Law Enforcement career started in 1983. He was promoted to Captain in 2003. He has a wide variety of experience  to include Districts 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8, Prisoner Processing Commander, Communications Commander, Commander of Public Affairs/Public Information, Commander of the Audit/Advisory Unit (Internal Auditing) to current position as Commander of District 9 (Central West End).

NSI News: Online Bike Registration: Many lost or stolen bicycles that are recovered by the Police Department cannot be returned to their owner because the serial number is not recorded or the bike is notregistered.   If registered, the officer can identify the owner of the bicycle by the recorded serial number and description. If your bicycle is stolen, report the theft to the Police Department. Let them know that you have registered your bicycle with the Central West End Neighborhood Security Initiative. Click here to register your bike with the NSI

In closing, Please “like” the Central West End Neighborhood Security Initiative on Facebook for the most current updates and happenings in the CWE. Our next meeting will be October 28, 5:45 at the Schlafly Library. Thank you to everyone who joined us at this month’s meeting.

May 29, 2013: Public Security Meeting

 This meeting was consisted of a talk from Shift Manager Gerry Adams and CSII Sharon Bilbary on 911 procedures, as well as an update on crime happenings in the Central West End.

     Jim Whyte gave a special thanks to two 9th District Officers:  Joe Hill and William Gillen, who found a man trespassing on resident property. The man had a criminal history of robbery. Mr. Whyte thanked the community for notifying the police on suspicious behavior that led to the capture.

     The 911 dispatchers, Shift Manager Gerry Adams and CSII Sharon Bilbary, SLMPD Communications, described how the 911 dispatch system works and encouraged all 911 emergency calls. They explained the Non emergency line, explaining that this phone line is appropriate for non-life-threatening events such as loud-volume complaints. They give priority to all 911 calls, and request that the line stays clear for life-threatening emergencies. The SLMPD operates as the city’s primary 911 answering point and fields calls requesting a response from police, fire and EMS-Emergency Medical Services (ambulance). SLMPD call center handles more than 800,000 calls per year.

     The Metropolitan Police Department operates as the city’s primary 911 answering point and fields calls requesting a response from police, fire and EMS-Emergency Medical Services (ambulance). All calls requiring the Fire Department or EMS are immediately transferred to the appropriate dispatcher, while calls for police service are handled by our employees. Our call center handles more than 800,000 calls per year.

When Should I Call 911? When I Should I Use the Non-Emergency Number?

  • It is important to understand when you should call 911 and when you would be better served by using the Police Department’s non-emergency number of 314-231-1212.
  • You should call 911: When any life threatening situation arises that requires a response from the police, fire department or EMS.
  • To report fires and medical emergencies.
  • When a crime is in progress and the suspect is still on the scene or has just fled.
  • There is an intruder in your home or business or if you suspect an intruder could be inside your home or business. Do not attempt to confront these individuals, call 911 immediately!
  • For any violent crime including homicides, robberies, assaults, domestic assaults and sexual assaults.
  • For car accidents when: there are people injured and/or there is significant property damage and/or there is danger to other motorists and/or there are significant traffic problems as a result of the accident.

You should call the non-emergency number of 314-231-1212: In the event you do not have an emergency but need to ask a question or speak to police. Call takers will do their best to point you in the right direction. 

  • For property crimes when there is no known suspect at or near the scene and it is believed the incident occurred some time ago (for example, a car break-in that occurred overnight but was discovered in the morning; a burglary discovered after you’ve returned from several days out of town).
  • It is important to note that regardless of the situation, if you feel there is immediate danger, call 911.

Citizens service bureau: 3146224800, call for city/building complaints. You can also enter complaints online.

For more information on 911 procedures, click here.

    Jim Whyte also talked about the Central West End’s new Neighborhood Ownership Model. The Neighborhood Ownership Model, developed by residents of the City of St. Louis in 2010, has now been adopted by many neighborhoods across the City.  The Neighborhood Ownership Model is a citizen-led program that is supported by the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and the Office of the Mayor.  Purpose of the Ownership Model (NOM) is to reduce crime and increase the quality of life in their communities. Officer Paul Henkaus, an 11 year veteran of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department will be serving as the CWE NOM.

In closing, Please “like” the Central West End Neighborhood Security Initiative on Facebook for the most current updates and happenings in the CWE. Our new office is at 447 N Euclid, there will be an open house June 26th.  Thank you to everyone who joined us at this month’s meeting.

 To watch a recording of this meeting, click here.


March 29, 2013: Public Security Meeting

Navigating the new website for the Circuit Attorney’s Office & Discussion on Case of Marikay Roberts

          In September 2012 Marikay Roberts stole several thousands of dollars of eye ware frames from Eye Roc and the Eye Bar in the Central West End. Roberts was later arrested and charged with the theft.  During a police interview she admitted to the crime.

          On 2/14/13, Roberts pled guilty to her recent felony theft case.  Roberts was sentenced to serve the 7 years on the case she was on probation for (2010) and sentenced to an additional 7 years for the new felony theft case (2012).  She is classified as a “Prior and Persistent” offender.

          Judge Sweeny ordered a re-sentencing of Roberts, which caused the Citruit Attorney’s Office to file a motion objecting to the re-sentencing.  The hearing on this motion was set for April 4th. On April 4th, Judge Sweeney agreed that he did not have the power to set aside the sentence. The sentence she received on February 14 will stay in effect.

The NSI and court advocate, Isabella Lovadine would like to thank all of those who participate in this case. 

Navigating the CAO Website: A tutorial was given discusing how search for cases and get updates. You can view the case search tutorial here.


February 27, 2013 

 “Personal Safety and Threat Awareness” discussion featuring Sergeant Gwen Patton


Sgt. Gwen Patton, a police officer with many years of experience in Law Enforcement and rape awareness training, shared a variety of topics about personal safety and recognizing threats.  
Home Awareness:
It is a good idea to think like a criminal and attempt to break into your own home. Double check all windows and doors.

Invest in outdoor lighting, criminals DO NOT want to be seen or heard.

It is a good idea to get to know your neighbors; they can be your “eyes and ears” when you are away.

Beware of social media postings including vacation dates, photos with home address in the background, etc.

Take a Security Survey available by contacting St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Visit the website here.

Citizen Service Bureau has a great website for reporting, street lights out, graffiti, and other neighborhood concerns. Phone number 314 622-4800 

Personal Threat Awareness:
If your car breaks down on the highway, call Motor Assist. It is free in Missouri and can be accessed by calling 9-1-1 or 1-888 ASK MODOT (275-6636)

• If you are being followed in your car, call 9-1-1. Also know that all Quick Trips are police substations

DO NOT walk around talking on your cell phone or texting with your head down. Be observant at all times. It just takes a few seconds for a crime of opportunity to occur.

Any solid object can be a weapon
o Using your body: your fingers can be very powerful if struck in offender’s neck clavicle or eyes. Palms can strike the nose or chin. Strike forearm to forearm if you’re grabbed by the wrist.
o Keys or ID cards can be used to hurt an offender’s face, heavy objects such as a purse
o Mace can be very useful if used correctly. It should be shaken frequently and it does expire, always check date. Be aware of wind, it can make you the target, shake every day. Other options, hair spray, wasp spray, perfume or foam mace. Have a back-up plan.
o Stun gun may be beneficial if skin to skin contact can be made; however, it must always be charged and may not be practical because of cold St. Louis weather. Always have a backup plan. Brand mentioned: Sabre Stun Gun 

If in trouble, yell NO, do not scream. Kids at parks scream while having fun, so yelling no is more effective in getting a response from others.

Criminals are unpredictable. If demanding property, it’s not worth losing your life, hand it over or throw your property in one direction and run in the other.

For greater insights on the mind of criminals and threat detection, read The Gift of Fear by Gavin De Becker. Available here at 

Top 3 things to remember- Be aware or your surroundings, Trust your instincts, and call 911 if something doesn’t feel right, you’re not bothering the police; it is their job to keep you safe.