Ongoing Efforts


Saint Louis Metropolitan Police Department
In addition to providing 24 hr service 365 days per year, the Saint Louis Metropolitan Police Department collaborates with the NSI and it’s supplemental security companies to maintain a strong working partnership. The NSI communicates daily with the Commander of the 5th District to coordinate crime prevention strategies. Click here for more info

Circuit Attorney’s Office of St. Louis                                                                                                The CAO of St. Louis works to inspire confidence in the criminal justice system by: leveraging our resources to reduce the crime rate in the City of St. Louis; educating and engaging the community in keeping their neighborhoods safe; creating respectful and credible partnerships with all constituents; attracting and retaining the top law professionals in the region. The NSI works closely with the Circuit Attorney’s office to ensure the full criminal prosecution with crimes in the CWE. Click here for more info

Supplemental Patrols: The City’s Finest, LLC
The City’s Finest, LLC is a St. Louis security company that specializes in the deployment of supplemental police bike patrols for neighborhoods and special events throughout the City of St. Louis. For more info click here

Check Out The City’s Finest Newest Addition!


The City’s Finest recently added a three wheeler motorcycle to their fleet. The City’s Finest Supervisors will be the ones using this new technology to improve our safety in the neighborhood. Keep your eyes peeled and remember to say hello when you see them in the neighborhood!

Court Advocate                                                                                                                         With this new position, we hope to build stronger communication between the courts and the community, higher sentencing and bonds for offenders, higher representation from neighborhood stakeholders at court hearings with an eventual decrease in total crime. Click here for more info

Security Cameras in the CWE                                                                                       An initiative that has been in the works for the last two years will be fully implemented by this spring. Washington University Medical Center and the Central West End Neighborhood Security Initiative are teaming up to install 91 cameras throughout the Central West End. Click here for more info

Real Change Campaign                                                                                                                Real Change is an innovative program intended to encourage you to ‘Say No to Panhandling’ and ‘Say Yes’ to effective social service agencies. Click here for more info